Anarchist Theory

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Politicians Love Gun Control
Politicians Love Gun Control Reframing the Debate Around Gun Ownership By Sweet Tea   ..
Prolegomena - To a Study of the Return of the Repressed in History
Prolegomena - To a Study of the Return of the Repressed in History   "I don't want..
Reproduction of Daily Life
Reproduction of Daily Life By Fredy Perlman   Fredy Perlman's classic analysis o..
Revolutionary Self Theory
Revolutionary Self Theory: A Beginner's Manual By Spectacular Times   Tired of being..
Run, Hombre, Run
Run, Hombre, Run By Xose Tarrio Gonzalez   Xose Tarrio Gonzales was born into a poor ..
Scratching The Tiger's Belly
Scratching The Tiger's Belly By Ron Sakolsky   A radical mixtape of hidden histories,..
Seven Years Buried Alive
Seven Years Buried Alive By Biófilo Panclasta   Based on sources from 1910 to 1940..
Society of the Spectacle
Society of the Spectacle By Guy Debord   Few works of political and cultural theory ha..
Species Being
Species Being And Other Stories By Frére Dupont   Species Being and Other Stories ..
The Black Bloc Papers
The Black Bloc Papers by David Van Deusen & Xavier Massot   The Black Bloc Pa..
The Coming Insurrection
The Coming Insurrection By The Invisible Committee “Everyone agrees. It’s about to explode...
The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism
The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism By Fredy Perlman   The penetrating critique of ..
The Democratic Mystification
The Democractic Mystification By Jacques Camatte   "The proletariat's assault on the c..
The Failure of Nonviolence
The Failure of Nonviolence 2nd Edition By Peter Gelderloos   In the years since..
The Impossible, Patience
The Impossible, Patience By Alejandro de Acosta   This title will be most easily r..
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