The Yeast of Your Worries

The Yeast of Your Worries
By: Erica Zelfand
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The Yeast of Your Worries - A Yeast Infection Survival Handbook

By Erica Zelfand


Yeast infections are often treated as pesky, embarrassing inconveniences, yet they are ubiquitous - so ubiqitous that they deserve their own 'zine. Before you run for the Monistat or get a prescription for Diflucan, you may want to pick up a copy of "The Yeast of Your Worries".

Not only does it provide you with both alternatives and supplements to the harsh (and in the long run, ineffective) Western treatments, but this 'zine also addresses simple preventative measures and invites the reader to explore the emotional and psychological aspects of dealing with a vaginal infection.

Featuring hilarious and empowering photographs, this is a thoroughly researched booklet created by a pre-med student who is really into vaginas, underground publications, and holistic healing.




30 pages

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