Death Rituals and DIY Burials

Death Rituals and DIY Burials
By: India
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Death Rituals and DIY Burials

A Collection of Thoughts, Photos, Excerpts from Books, Resources, Instructions, and Deadly Ideas

By India

"   Death as a Lost Art

I can't exactly pinpoint when death became so corporatized and impersonal in Amerika, but I can tell that death is something we are all losing touch with.  Has anyone you know ever buried someone themselves? Few of us can answer yes to this question.. In the past in Amerika and currently in other cultures funerals and burial rites were an artform that had either simplistic beauty or elaborate celebrations.  If we don't start studiying burial rituals or just the basics on how to perform a funeral, then we will lose this ability altogether.  I hope this zine can be a catalyst to others who want to maintain personal control over our own dead.  Let's not let someone else do it for us anymore, let's not let the practice die out, and let's not let our death conditioning keep us from learning how to handle the dead.   "

(from the introduction)



18 pages

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