Can Dialectics Break Bricks? DVD

Can Dialectics Break Bricks? DVD
By: Rene Vienet
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Can Dialectics Break Bricks? DVD

By Rene Vienet


"Directed" by the French situationist Rene Vienet, this film is an exercise in intellectual absurdity. A Hong Kong martial arts movie overdubbed with French political diatribes and philosophies, designed to entertain and amuse, while proving a number of artistic and political points. The "story" details the epic battle between the proletariats and the bureaucracy, with a martial arts school as the utopian commune. Filled with amazingly absurd humor and political satire that will make you feel all intellectual inside, it’s an amazing combination of near slapstick comedy and Godardian experimentation. In many ways it seems that Vienet was trying to make some very important statements, such as the way cinema feeds ideology and his intense anger over the sad failure of socialism. It is also considered the only remaining film vision of the situationist's technique, détournement - the diversion of already existing cultural elements to new subversive purposes. But overall, this comes off as a kind of Mystery Science Theatre for fans of Guy Debord and Wilhelm Reich.


90 minutes




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