Down with the Empire, Up with the Spring

Down with the Empire, Up with the Spring
By: Do Or Die
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Down with Empire, Up with Spring

By Do Or Die

A lucid account of the last 15 years of the ecological movement in Britain and the development of their tactics, strategies and vision. Pulled from the British ecological and anarchist journal Do or Die, this work is written in a candid and frank style. It is both hugely inspiring to those of us involved in ecological struggles and provides some quite incredible ideas for action, and it is also helpful in placing these struggles in the context of the general fight against Power and Capital.

It's time to CELEBRATE our resistance: digger diving, window smashing, pleasant picnicking, office occupying, hoody wearing, GM crop trashing, squat cracking, sun lit lovin', machine burning, treeliving - total fucking anarchy. It's time to MOURN for our moment. Over the last decade thousands of species have been wiped out of existence. Vast forests - charred stumps. Coral reefs bleached dead by warmed seas. Millions starved within the prison of civilisation. Wild peoples massacred, enslaved and pauperised. It's time to STRATEGISE how to make a real impact on this apocalypse. Look seriously at our strengths and weaknesses and pull together to RESIST. The empire is powerful but the spring is growing. It's a challenge like no other, but with love, luck and hard resolve we can TRANSCEND.



69 pages

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