Civilization and Its Latest Discontents

Civilization and Its Latest Discontents
By: Aufheben
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Civilization and Its Latest Discontents

From Aufheben #4

Civilization is under attack. A new critical current has emerged in recent years, united by an antagonism towards all tendencies that seem to include 'progress' as part of their programme. Perlman's book Against History, Against Leviathan, described in the AK Distribution 1993 Catalogue as "One of the most significant and influential anarchic texts of the last few decades" (p. 30), is one of the key texts in this 'primitivist' current. In the U.S.A. and this country, it is in anarchist circles - particularly amongst those engaged in eco-struggles - that primitivism has become particularly popular. But Perlman used to be a Marxist (see the quote above), and he contributed usefully to the development of a libertarian version of Marx's theory for a number of years. The wholesale abandonment of Marx in favour of primitivism has touched the non-Leninist revolutionary milieu in this country too, with the recent conversion of Wildcat(UK) to the anti-civilization position.




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