Earth First Means Social War

Earth First Means Social War
By: Liam
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Earth First Means Social War

By Liam


This article comes out of the identity crisis within the Earth First! Movement in the 2000's. Rather than positingng the ecological movement in opposition to social struggles, the author argues that ecological struggle is a social force and that the two struggles, that against the conditions of capitalism and that for the protection of the earth, can be united. This essay also includes a valuable critical look at the role of green capitalism in creating new social conditions.

"The future is uncertain. On the one hand, life on Earth and the human species as we know it are already being fundamentally altered and may simply go extinct. On the other hand, life may survive and proceed to an even more terrifying nightmare. . . It is these futures that an anti-capitalist ecological social force will circumvent. Conversely, it is an Other future that our social force will precipitate."




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