Anarchy & Nihilism: Consequences

Anarchy & Nihilism: Consequences
By: Aragorn!
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Anarchy & Nihilism


By Aragorn!



The second in a two part series on the current relationship between nihilism and anarchy, by the author of Nihilism, Anarchy, and the 21st Century and A Child's Guide to Nihilism.

A nihilist is a person who does not bow down to any authority, who does not accept any principle on faith, however much that principle might be revered.

New efforts are being made but they are orthogonal to the approach of the humanist West. They are, to put it gently, more severe than the values and theory of modernity allow for. They are, ultimately, goal-less. These are actions that are interpreted by others but move so rapidly as to be entirely chased by the mullahs, fatwas, and analysts. These new efforts are the language of the disenfranchised humanity. There is no hope. There are only casualties.





35 Pages

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