Class Re-Composition in Argentina?

Class Re-Composition in Argentina?
Publisher: Treason Press
By: Aufheben
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Class Re-Composition in Argentina?

From Aufheben


"This pamphlet was produced to make available information about the recent working class struggles inArgentina as these were among the most important in the last few years.

“Picket and Pot-banger Together’: Class Re-Composition in Argentina?” first appeared in the 2002 issue of the excellent annual British communist magazine Aufheben and seems to have been completedin late September 2002. It is the best article about the Argentine revolt that is currently available in English. Aufheben has a website at

“Report from Argentina” was written by an anonymous communist from Britain, in December 2002.  It discusses the impasse of the movements in Argentina and their recuperation by the Left as well asthe continuing weakness of capital there.

“A Conversation with MTD Solano” is an interview with piqueteros from Buenos Aires by the Argentineautonomist Marxist group Colectivo Situaciones. In contrast to the more detached perspective of the first two articles by Britons this is a detailed explanation of how the unemployed have organised their powerful assault on capital in Argentina by both constructing new communal social relations and attacking capitalist ones. Colectivo Situaciones have a website at and can becontacted at

Since these articles were written the situation in Argentina has changed for the worse. In April 2003, just before the Argentine presidential election the worker-controlled Brukman textile factory in Buenos Aires was violently evicted by the police although more generalised repression has not yet emerged. In the presidential election eighty percent of those eligible cast valid votes up from a mere sixty percent in the previous election in 2001. This probably represents something of a resigned return to acceptance of the old world after the failure of the insurgent movements to advance in their creation of a new one. Nevertheless, the situation in Argentina is far from resolved in the favour of capital with the new president, Nestor Kirchner, representing the wing of the bourgeoisie that wants to avoid a major confrontation with the proletariat for fear that it will lead to an expanded revolt such as occurred in December 2001 in response to the declaration of a state of emergency. However in the absence of large scale state repression a resurgence of the movement in Argentina appears unlikely except perhaps as a response to revolts in other South American countries. In that regard at least there is some reason for optimism with the massive insurrectionary movement in Bolivia in October 2003 the most significant among a series of struggles that have erupted in nearly every country in South America in the last few years.

Canberra, Australia

December 2003



50 pages

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