4-20 Riotz Against the Summit

4-20 Riotz Against the Summit
By: Zig Zag
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4-20 Riotz Against the Summit

By Zig-Zag

From April 20-22, 2001, Quebec City played host to the Summit of the Americas, a huge media spectacle involving 34 heads of state and several thousand delegates. Their alledged purpose: to negotiate the rules & policies of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), scheduled to be implemented by 2005.

Outside the official Summit, as many as 60,000 people demonstrated their opposition to the FTAA and the neo-liberal economic agenda policies behind it. As clashes between protesters and police began, entire regions of the city were engulfed in clouds of tear gas.  By the end of the weekend, burning barricades, widespread property damage, attacks against police, and the occasional Molotov coctail were usd to counter police repression and to disrupt the Summit.

This pamphlet includes stories and analysis of the struggle that ensued.

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