Fire and Flames!

Fire and Flames!
By: Zig-Zag
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Fire and Flames! A Militant Report on Toronto Anti-G20 Resistance

By Zig-Zag


"   From June 25-27, 2010, Canada hosted the G8 and G20 Summits.  The G8 Summit was held on June 25 in Huntsville, Ontario, a small rural community.  The G20 Summit was held in downtown Toronto from June 26-27. The security operation, involving some 19,000 security personnel, was billed as the largest in Canadian history (costing approximately $1 billion). 

After nearly a week of 'peaceful' and heavily policed protests, Saturday June 26 saw widespread property destruction and the arson of four Toronto police cars in downtown streets, including two in the financial district.  In response to this humiliation, police went on a rampage later that evening and throughout the next day, violently attacking peaceful protesters, journalists, and bystanders.  By the evening of Monday June 28, some 900 people had been arrested.  The final total of arrests would be nearly 1,100—the largest mass arrests in Canadian history.

Like the WTO protests in Seattle 1999, the Toronto G20 will be a significant historical event in Canada.  Not only for the widespread police brutality which occured, but also for the potency of militant attacks as carried out by a Black Bloc in the context of the largest security operation in history.

While detractors claim the militant attacks were “allowed” to happen, or were the work of “agents provocateurs,” the reality is that a few hundred militants were able to outmanuever an army of riot cops and carry out extensive property destruction. 

The damage inflicted, even with thousands of riot cops in the streets, and the arson of four police cars in particular, shows the vulnerability of the “all-powerful” state and its repressive apparatus.  That some dared to challenge this illusion and literally smash it to pieces appears impossible to those already defeated in their hearts and minds.   "

- from the introduction



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