Ain't No PC Gonna Fix It Baby

Ain't No PC Gonna Fix It Baby
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Ain't No PC Gonna Fix It Baby

A Critique of Ally Politics


All you see are demographics
All you hear is 'systems'
Without undressing me down to
the sum of my parts
you cannot achieve that
checking-your-privelege erection.
You defend dogma cuz it's all you've got left
But humanity won't fit into
data bars or scripted syllabi
And won't stick around when
you can no longer see it.
Undressing us all with your politics
you become the most correct
And also an entity you'd probably hate -
could you escape for a moment.
You steal our dignuty and undermine our friendship
When the dots connect
And I see you seeing me through the activist gaze.
I'm not the beating heart I feel
Your eyes just reflect a female queer blob of color






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