Race Treason Behind Prison Walls

Race Treason Behind Prison Walls
By: Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
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Race Treason Behind Prison Walls

By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin and Staughton Lynd


A chronology and two essays (one by ex-political prisoner Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, the other by Staughton Lynd) about resistance, especially by prisoners of color, from inside of prisons.

"Usually racism is the best tool of the prison officials to control volatile prison populations. The warden and his guards intentionally keep up racial hostilities through rumors and provocation, and use the racist white prisoners to confine both themselves and others, in return for special privileges and the fleeting feeling that they are 'helping' the 'white race' maintain control. This is how the system imprisons whites and uses them in their own oppression..."




34 Pages

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