Memories of Freedom

Memories of Freedom
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Memories of Freedom

By Anonymous


A must-read for aspiring eco-warriors, this pamphlet chronicles the history of the Animal Liberation Front as it emerged in North America, from its origins in Earth First! to Rod Coronado's arrest in the mid-90's. This zine is an inspiring read for anyone who values life over profit.

For those who cannot live with the pain of knowing that every morning the laboratory lights are turned on, the chainsaws are oiled and sharpened, the gas chambers are wheeled out to the pelting barns, and the slaughter is continuing, this is for you, so that you may never feel alone again, so that you may see that though we may never achieve total victory in our lifetimes, sometimes victory and freedom is ours simply by fighting, by breaking our own chains before we can break the chains of others.



76 pages

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