Cell Phones Suck

Cell Phones Suck
By: Sprocket & Sam
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Cell Phones Suck - An Argument Against the us of Cellular Technology

By Sprocket and Sam


We are all passengers on this train, and the crash is upon us. Sometimes it seems so obvious that we hardly find it worth mentioning. Polar ice melting, destroying arctic ecosystems? Yep. Foreign populations being bombed in the name of the oil industry? Too bad. Cell phones causing cancer? Yeah, so what? This is the bizarre ethos of our culture: Never before has so much information been available, and never has so little been done relative to the immensity of the dangers we face.

The cell phone plays right into our numbed inaction, saturating our lives with easy information in a way that television or the Internet never could. As communication becomes steadily more convenient, we necessar-ily de-emphasize the quality of that communication. This allows the most inane conversations to take place. You’ve probably heard it all before—on the bus, in the grocery store, in any crowd: “Yeah, I’m on my way; I’ll be there in 10 minutes. What? No, I’m on the bus. What? I don’t know; I think we just passed Market Street—hang on, I got another call.”



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