Against the Engineering of Life

Against the Engineering of Life
Publisher: Venemous Butterfly
By: Rene Riesel and others
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Against the Engineering of Life

By Rene Riesel and others

There are certain specific aspects of the ruling order, certain developments that very clearly expose its real nature to those who are willing to see. Biotechnology is one such reality. Within this sphere of technological development the extent of control that the ruling order of capital and the state intend to exercise over every aspect of existence is laid quite bare. Yet the depth of this reality is ignored even by the vast majority of those who question genetic engineering.

Biotechnology is in fact the absolutely logical outcome of capitalism and industrialism, the intertwined techno-economic system that requires domination and control over the whole of existence. The texts presented here are analyses of biotechnology as a manifestation of these systems that must, by their nature extinguish what is living in nature and what is human and individual in society. René Riesel was involved in a significant direct action campaign in France from about 1997 through 1999 involving the Confédération Paysanne (Small Farmers’ Confederation). He considered his actions to be an active critique of the social order that makes biotechnology possible, and explains, in these texts, the nature of that critique and the reasons for choosing the particular targets.



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