So You Want to Build A Compost Bin... Lets Look at Bin Plans

So You Want to Build A Compost Bin... Lets Look at Bin Plans
By: Davis
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So You Want to Build a Compost Bin... Lets Look at Bin Plans

By Davis


Everything you need to know to build a compost bin.

Along with fuel efficiency, water conservation, and reduction in meat consumption, home composting is one of the most environmentally beneficial activities of modern society. Yard and food wastes make up approximately 30% of the waste stream in the US. Not only does composting sucessfully divert a significant portion of your family's waste stream from the landfill and water treatment facilities, it is a natural method of recycling organic materals into valuable humus. Finished compost is nutritious enough to use as a soil amendment, buffering the pH and helping to retain water in the soil. It can cool the soil's surface, and help mitigate erosion. Why buy topsoil when you create your own endless supply?

Home composting also serves as an invaluable educational tool, teaching youngsters about conservation, the cycle of life, and inter-connectedness of the natural world. If it gets your child thinking about science or biology, or voluntarily participating in gardening and yard work, isn't it well worth the effort?


• Improves soil structure.

• Supplies plants with essential nutrients, but is NOT a substitute for fertilizers

• Stores nutrients for long-term availability to plants

• Supports beneficial soil life

• Saves energy and prevents air pollution

• Saves space in our landfills




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