Blackbird Raum - Under the Starling Host CD

Blackbird Raum - Under the Starling Host CD
Publisher: Black Powder Records
By: Blackbird Raum
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Under the Starling Host

Blackbird Raum

 1. turning away
 2. catherine’s wheel
 3. lucasville
 4. all turning backs in the meadow and wait while bones are thrown
 5. to the barricades!
 6. william
 7. the helm of ned kelly
 8. crumbs
 9. snare
10. ensemble suicide
11. old one eye
12. conquest of bread
13.  a rat in my dream
14. path of raven

An all-acoustic, pre-apocalyptic dance party taking cues from the last great depression to ring us gloomily into the next one. Utilizing banjo, singing saw, washboard, accordion, mandolin, not to mention vocal cords tarred with train grease, Blackbird RAUM somehow manages to combine 1920s american string band music with anarcho-punk, grunge and undeground metal, into a sound that culminates in scathing banjo/washboard gymnastic two-steps and depressive waltzes. They have performed anywhere from condemned warehouses and broken down docks to main stage at Northwest Folklife, playing tunes that are perfect for coup d’etats, end of the world parties and funerals. This is punk folk, not folk punk, man!

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