Unions Against Revolution

Unions Against Revolution
Publisher: Black and Red
By: John Zerzan
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Unions Against Revolution
By John Zerzan and Grandizo Munis
Two critiques of unions from a revolutionary perspective, plus a photographic account of union bureaucratization in 30's America.  "Unions Against Revolution" is a translation of a work by G. Munis, written in 1960 and reprinted in France after the events of May 1968.  Also includes "The Revolt Against Work" by John Zerzan.  These are antiauthoritarian pieces on the anti-radical, anti-democratic nature of unions, as they function primarily to deliver an obsequious and obedient working class to their capitalist masters. Much on wildcats, similarities between communist & capitalist unions in Russia and the US, etc.

"A concise and devastating analysis of the irredeemably reactionary character of labor unions in the 20th century."

40 pages
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