Grin and Bare it All

Grin and Bare it All
Publisher: Strangers Tangled Wilderness
By: Luna Celeste
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Grin and Bare it All

Against the Liberal Conceptions of Sex Work

By Luna Celeste


"Hey, I’m Luna Celeste. I’ve been stripping for about five years, and into all this anarchy stuff for about fifteen. C.B. Daring and I are working on a written anthology of radical sex work(er) perspectives, and this is the essay I wrote for it, pre-released in zine form. I’ll be speaking with some authority on my own experiences, and to some degree, on those of my co-workers and friends who perform other kinds of sex work. However, subjective experiences of sex work, and even just stripping, vary depending on one’s location, gender (identity/presentation), particular line of work, working conditions, socialization, class, race, etc. I am no authority on every aspect of the sex industry, but have spent a lot of my free time thinking, reading, and writing about the industry from an anarchist and feminist perspective."

Sex workers serve ruling class men, directly or indirectly, through the performance of paid reproductive labor that helps stabilize the superstructure of heterosexual-monogamy, and are pulled into the cycle of stigma and criminalization that helps to maintain a perpetual marginalized underclass.



10 Pages

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