A Murder of Crows #2

A Murder of Crows #2
By: Murder of Crows
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A Murder of Crows #2

Issue #1, March 2007


A Murder of Crows is an anarchist magazine concerned with critically analyzing the institutions of social domination and exploitation.



-Statement of Intent


-The Convenience of Not Thinking: On Ideological Boxes

-Setting Hell on Fire: Solidarity and Destruction in Bangladesh

-Repression as State Strategy

-Repression and it's Discontents

-This is What Recuperation Looks Like: The Rebellion in Oaxaca and the APPO

-The Harvest of Dead Elephants: The False Oppostion of Animal Liberation

-The Six Nations Land Reclamation

-The Arms of Exploitation: On Development and Technology

-Fortress Everywhere: Technology and Control at the Border

-Stop that Train: A Short Introduction to TAV

-Impressions from the Struggle Against TAV

-Action Reports






56 pages

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