Bring The War Home Vol 1 - Forgotten Heroes

Bring The War Home Vol 1 - Forgotten Heroes
By: (A) Acton Collective
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Bring the War Home Vol. 1 - Forgotten Heros: The Black Liberation Army and The Weather Underground

By the Eugene, OR Anarchist Action Collective


In an attempt to learn what can be learned from some of the most intentional (if not anarchist) resistance to the u.s. status quo - a collection of writings by people of the era about these two iconic groups. Writings by Assata Shakur, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Kuwasi Balagoon, Kathy Wilkerson and Craig Rosebraugh, among other (unnamed) people.

This is a slice of history that is often overly romanticized by anarchists who should know better. Read for yourself.



24 pages

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