Class Struggle During the Gulf War

Class Struggle During the Gulf War
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Class Struggle During The Gulf War



"Since the state of Iraq was created early this century, the working class in the area have suffered brutal exploitation and repression at the hands of the rival ruling class groups competing for power. As if dealing with these home grown gangsters wasn’t enough, they have also faced the bullets and bombs of the global capitalist powers (especially Britain and America) seeking to control the oil wealth of this part of the world.

Meanwhile opposition political organizations such as the Iraqi Communist Party and the Kurdish Democratic Party have consistently made deals with both Iraqi regimes and the global powers at the expense of those who they claimed to be leading in resistance to the state. Despite all this, the working class has shown itself a force to be reckoned with, toppling governments and sabotaging war efforts. "

This pamphlet contains five articles:
"Iraq: A Century of War and Rebellion" by Anonymous
"Ten Days That Shook Iraw - Inside Information From an Uprising" by Anonymous
"A Comrades Testimony: A Journey to Iraq" by the Internatonal Communist Group
"The Class Struggle in Iraq - An Interview With a Veteran" by Workers Scud
"Do You Remember The First Time? Resistance to the 1991 Gulf Massacre" by No War But The Class War (UK)



53 pages

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