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By Crimethinc.


Whence do Stockholm Syndrome and Broken Window Theory derive their names? What is the common root of aristocracy and democracy? Who gets diagnosed with Anarchia and Drapetomania? How did voting kill Edgar Allen Poe, and why is a crater on the dark side of the moon named for the man who blew up the Tsar? Alternately scathing and sublime, Contradictionary pulls back the curtain from the war within every word, revealing the conflict behind the façade of the commonplace.

In the tradition of The Devil's Dictionary, the Contradictionary assembles a wide range of wit and whimsy. This is no mere miscellany, but a lighthearted work of serious literature, concentrating a wealth of ideas and history into aphorisms and anecdotes.


< Exploitation >

After seizing control of the factory, the workers march to the owner’s neighborhood, accompanied by their husbands, wives, friends, and children. They tear down the fences of his gated community and pour through its quaint streets, a riotous torrent clamoring for vengeance. The security guards withdraw in fear as the mob approaches; by the time it reaches his house, the owner is long gone.

On the return journey, one former employee sets down his new wide-screen television to slap a mosquito on his arm. His son, lugging an armful of groceries, is surprised: “Wow, dad, that mosquito had a lot of blood in him.”

“That’s not his blood, son,” his father responds. “That’s my blood.”





320 Pages

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